Welcome to Penny Wise!

Sometimes back, I used to talk a lot about areas that I excelled in. I spoke about my strengths and achievements with the sole aim of motivating and inspiring others.  Then, I realized that this did not help as many people. Yes, a few would get inspired. But often, the inspiration did not last that long. Thus, I decided to try something more worthwhile. So today, I talk about my weaknesses, mistakes, failures and lessons learnt. I believe that this way, more people can relate with me and learn lifetime lessons. I am here to tell you about the golden opportunities that I missed and how you should not miss them too. I am here to give you insights on how to make learning about money more fun and, together, let’s learn to create and grow wealth. I do not promise anything about getting rich quickly, but I promise valuable money lessons and recipes for slow, steady but sure ways of growing your wealth.

Feel free to leave a comment with a question regarding personal finances and I promise to get back to you in a short while.